Valentine Recipe Roundup from The Vegucated Family Table

News  |  February 12, 2021

Valentine Recipe Roundup from The Vegucated Family Table

The Vegucated Family Table cookbook has you covered this Vday! Check out these recipes from the book to make your Vday extra festive even if you’re staying home.


Thumbprint Breakfast Cookies

(pg. 111)

Your loved ones will think they’re getting quite a treat when you serve them cookies for breakfast- but you can take comfort knowing that these scrumptious breakfast treats contain a healthy dose of protein, iron and zinc! Original recipe calls for these to be made with our Berry Chia Jam (pg. 198) but you could also use a store-bought jam or jelly, or throw in some chocolate chips or blueberries instead. (Gluten-free/Nut-free option)

Cornmeal and Oat Pancakes (pg. 113)

A delicious and nutritious chocolate chip (or blueberry) pancake recipe. Super tasty plain or with just a little syrup, but option to top with your favorite vegan butter, our Berry Chia Jam (pg. 198), our Orangutan-Approved Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (pg. 199), coconut whipped cream, fresh fruit or one of our several “Sprinkles” (see pgs.186-189) (Gluten free/Nut-free)


Peanutty Sweet Potato Stew

(pg. 147)

Simple and quick to make but bursting with flavor, this stew is the perfect warm and comforting vday supper.

Favorite Veggie Risotto

(pg. 166)

Does anyone else automatically think Italian food for Valentine’s Day? This risotto is so creamy and cheezy you won’t believe it’s vegan. Perfect for 2 adult servings or 4 little kid servings (double recipe if making for the whole fam).

Pasta with Muscly Marinara

(pg. 192)

Keeping with the Italian theme, you could also make a simple pasta with this protein packed Marinara sauce. Simply pick up a jar of your favorite red sauce and we’ll teach you how to blend in more veggies and lentils without your kids (or potentially a picky spouse) ever being the wiser.

Festive Snacks and Treats 

Pink Drink

(pg. 122)

How about some B12, Vitamin C and Omega 3s in a fruity pink Vday smoothie?! Simple and delicious. Also makes a great breakfast, smoothie bowl or frozen pop! (Gluten-free/Nut-Free)

photo by Anthony Two Moons

Mini Almond Butter Cups


These little crowd-pleasers can be made with any nut or seed butter (we especially love them with almond, peanut or tahini!). Beware, once your family has tried them, they are likely to be requested (nay, demanded) often. (Nut-free option)

Momoi’s Drop Cookies

(pg. 212)

Full disclosure, these cookies have a small but mighty cult-following. So easy to make and downright addictive, these chocolate, oat and peanut butter (or almond butter) drop cookies require zero baking! Just one pot on the stovetop, then drop your cookies on a baking sheet or into muffin liners and chill in the fridge. Thank us later. (Gluten-free)

Shape Cookies (pg.216) with Royal Icing (pg. 218)

These are perfect for making sweet little heart-shaped cookies! Grab your favorite natural food colors (we like Supernatural Kitchen) and whip up some red, pink and white Royal Icing to decorate these not too sweet buttery cookies! (Nut-free)


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