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Amie Hamlin

July 16, 2020

The Vegucated Family Table is the perfect solution on how to get your children – vegan or not – off to the right start, and keep them on track. You’ll find lots of great tips in this easy to read and delightful book. The recipes are delicious and easy to make and we plan to use some in our school programs!

Cory Booker

July 9, 2020

“The Vegucated Family Table comes at a perfect time, when it’s never been more urgent for people to live more in line with their own values of compassion, sustainability, and caring for communities that are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. My vegan journey is instrumental in elevating my life purpose. The wisdom and guidance in this book can help us all on our journeys of fulfillment and contribution.”

Miyoko Schinner

July 8, 2020

“How I wish I’d had a beautiful and inspirational bible like this when I was raising my three kids, who are all in their twenties now. Makes me want to go back thirty years and do it all over again!”

Gene Baur

July 7, 2020

“The Vegucated Family Table is filled with accessible guidance for raising the next generation to live more kindly and with a lighter ecological footprint. It includes solid nutritional advice, along with a plethora of amazing recipes and easy to follow tips for instilling healthy and humane habits that support both personal and planetary well-being. I wish every parent would read and use this book.”

Victoria Moran

July 6, 2020

“This is the book I wish I’d had as a vegan mom thirty years ago. Every page is gorgeous. Every recipe works for real kids and real families. And there is not a question left unanswered here about bringing up healthy, happy, compassionate children.”

Leah Garces

July 5, 2020

“This book is THE resource for every parent who is considering raising their child vegan. The Vegucated Family Table is the book I wish I’d had when my kids were babies––and one we’ll continue to treasure as they grow up. Educational and accessible, it leaves no question unanswered and proves, once and for all, that plant-based eating is safe, healthy, and fun for all ages. Plus, it’s simply beautiful––and the recipes are absolutely scrumptious.”

Neal Bernard

July 4, 2020

“The Vegucated Family Table will help you nourish your whole family with delicious and healthful meals. Based on the latest nutrition science and brought to life with unmatched culinary skill, this book will show you how easy it is to provide the very best foods for children of every age (and their parents, too).”