Tester Talia’s son tucking into a Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin.

Massive Thank You to Our 67 Recipe Testers

News  |  August 24, 2020

We set out to make a book that is, above all, useful for families. What good is a nutritious recipe if your child doesn’t like it or the recipe is hard to follow? Not only did we recruit over 20 families to send in their best go-to recipes but we recruited 67 families to test out our recipes.

With the exception of the simple baby purees, which are very straightforward, every recipe was tested, sometimes twice, by our volunteer testers and approved by at least one of their kids. Several testers tried out many recipes for us; they were our super testers. Also, many of our recipe contributors tested recipes for us as well.

Kid model @jonathanandrewmorrison loved our Moo-Free Fudge Pops. Thank you, mama Melissa!

We loved getting happy feedback as well as helpful ideas on how to improve the recipe.

Massive thanks to our testers and their families, which include:

Ria Bacigalupa
Tracye Bennis-Sine
Christine Beyer
Jessica Caneal
Tesla Carrasquillo
Kristine Casart
Claire Chartrand
Jennifer Chen
Cynthia Cheung
Carabeth Connolly
Courtney Corbin
Rachel DeMeglio
Kendra Dias
Jillian Dunlap
Erica Espinosa
Sarah Evasic
Jessica Farnham
Sarah Feoli
Kendra Fitzgerald
Tere Fox
Karina Franco
Lia Gallagher
Lyndi Galves
Christa Garvey
Jessie Gillan
Naomi Gottlieb-Miller
Stephanie Grimes
Beckett Horowitz
Rachel Huff-Wagenborg
Emma Johnstone
Irene Charles Keely
Joe Kirchhof
Rebecca Lipscomb
Annika Lundkvist
Juli Martinez
Tatiana Martushev
Talia Mates
Kathy Merwin
Helena Mol
Melissa Morrison
Abby Nussbaum
Felicia Nutter
Cristina Panks
Char Padworny
Lori Pester
Leslie Phillips
Roxanne Pipkin
Lisa Pitman
Meg Price
Rachel Risden
Denise Robb
Betsy Ross
Brian Sands
Brandie Scott
Amanda Seitz
Annie Shannon
Amanda Shore
Julie Sonenberg
Hilari Stahler
Leinana Two Moons
Christina von Loeper
Mary Celine Villacastin
Rebecca Watson
Stephanie Welsher
Kelley Wind
Heather Yellig
Lori Zito

We ran out of room in the book for any sort of acknowledgments page but want to be sure to acknowledge these super helpers, without whom this book would not be nearly as good.

Two more tester photos because…cuteness.

Baby Leo trying to get any last bits of Baby Mac o’ Lantern and Cheese out of the container. Mama Sarah confessed she loved it too!


Baby James wearing our Muscley Marinara.


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